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Fire Mountain Gems - Wholesale Beads and Jewelry Making

Fire Mountain Gems - Wholesale Beads and Jewelry Making

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As a geologist, the Grand Canyon is perhaps the best place in the world. It's this incredible 855-mile-long slice through the earth, and you can see layer after layer after layer of sedimentary rock.

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NOAH PLANAVSKY: Let's see what they are. So, I have a gas probe here. Let's bury it in the microbial mat and see what we get.

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What is a salt? Common salt, which we all know as table salt, is not the only salt in the chemical world. There are many salts all being the result of an acid and an a alkali reacting together.

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From Mexico to the oil sands of Alberta, Canada and the Arctic Coast, we're pumping oil and natural gas out of the ground at a record rate. Which begs the question: should we?

LISA WHITE: 6956, 6989, 6998, you name them. Pretty much, most decades, we can think of significant earthquakes that happened.

For a five pound batch of sausage we are going to add up to a cup of ice cold liquid.  We then mix the liquid into the meat for one to two minutes until a paste starts to form.  This is pretty easy using my set up as all I have to do is put the bowl back onto my stand mixer and use the paddle attachment (setting 9).  If you aren’t using a stand mixer then break out a sturdy spoon and get to work.

I've got a little fossil coral in my hand. And it's fossils like this that tell us that this whole landscape was once under water. Three-hundred-forty-million years ago, a warm shallow sea covered all of the American Southwest. Its waters were teeming with trillions of microscopic marine organisms. When they died, their skeletons piled up on the seafloor and compressed into limestone, forming layers that are hundreds of feet thick.

Despite their great convenience there are three disadvantages of collagen casings that keep me from using them.  I don’t like collagen casings because I want to have curved sausages.  Go ahead and picture a bunch of sausages hanging up at a meat market.  They have a slight curve to them don’t they!  If you pictured a rope of Polish sausage you may have even imagined a “closed horseshoe”.  That curve is something you can only get from a natural casing.  Sausages made with a collagen casing are straight as an arrow and to me that just doesn’t look right.

There are times when you will need to supplement your butt with some extra fat.  Maybe the meat cutter was too aggressive in trimming, maybe the butt came from an extra lean hog or maybe you bought the whole shoulder instead of just the butt.

That tells me that this place was not always as serene as it looks today. A billion years ago, it was a hellish scene, and geophysicist Emily Wolin has the evidence.

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