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Glass Date Magnifiers for Watch Crystals

Glass Date Magnifiers for Watch Crystals

Date: 2017-05-25 00:05

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I’ve already covered quite a few Aquastars on the blog, this time it 8767 s one of the lesser known models, the Aquastar ‘65 8797 .

Aurora Watch

• Atlanta Flames. Here 8767 s that simple yet so effective logo on a collectible puck. (Another thing about this logo: It was cost-efficient to reproduce, because it was just one color.)

Genuine Oris stainless steel bracelets and rubber watch

Nice to see colourisations back on the agenda. Of course what you need are more obscure (to all of you on the otherside of the Pond) sports 8767 colourisations. This set are rugby league (not to be confused with rugby union, eg the All Blacks etc). They are, I think, as you would say uni-noteworthy.

Uni Watch

I'm now accepting restoration, service and repair business. If you have a watch that needs work, feel free to contact me at the address below for an estimate.

What a great day! We embarked on an adventure and ended up having two great adventures. And we wouldn 8767 t have known about the crawfish if the subways hadn 8767 t been messed up. Kismet!

66. Andrew Jones

I chose to use brighter versions of colors the team has worn throughout their history, while combining them to create a different look. I also tried to design a logo that their previous logos could have realistically evolved from.

I interviewed several Adidas and NHL execs, all of which was interesting. I hope to be able to tell you more about that later on, but one takeaway was that NHL branding czar Brian Jennings told me flat-out that uniform advertising is not on the table for the NHL. That doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 ll never happen, but he seemed pretty serious about it as we discussed it. (Yes, I 8767 m aware that Deadspin more or less declared NHL jersey ads to be a done deal yesterday afternoon. But if you read the piece, you 8767 ll find that the writer 8767 s entire evidence for this is that 8775 it seems inevitable. 8776 He also asserts that NHL jersey leaks were pre-orchestrated inside jobs, again with no evidence. Draw your own conclusions.)

Eric Sanders

My father Jerome Sanders 8767 boot camp photo. He was 68 years old in this photo. 69 years before I was born. He 8767 s been gone 79 years this year.

Since he died, I 8767 ve usually more or less ignored Father 8767 s day, but this tradition seems a nice way to celebrate. So thanks for putting it together.

The subway line we had planned to take was rerouted due to track repairs, so we ended up at a different subway stop and had to walk through Chinatown. Along the way we passed a Chinese fishmonger that was selling something neither of us had ever seen before in New York City: live crawfish. They were in scrabbling around in a cardboard box (Chinatown fishmongers tend to be fairly low-tech):

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