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Make - definition of make by The Free Dictionary

Make - definition of make by The Free Dictionary

Date: 2017-05-24 04:53

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The problem with these explanations is that very few women experience orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse alone. This makes it difficult to explain how female orgasm came to evolve if it was a reward for allowing intercourse to occur!

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There is certainly a widespread recognition in research projects that the cultural environment suggests that people are more sexually active than they actually are, and it may be that the over-reporting of orgasm during intercourse is a reflection of this cultural bias. Though of course it may be a sign of men 8767 s deep desire to demonstrate that they know how to make a woman come!!!

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Sometimes women can 8767 t reach orgasm because of a poor body image (concept of one 8767 s own body), particularly around genital issues.  And that even includes the changes they experience when they get aroused!

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Now, one of the interesting things here, of course, is that it 8767 s the techniques you discover when you 8767 re masturbating alone that you can use when you 8767 re having sex with your partner.

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Don't use the plural form of a noun after brand of or make of. For example, don't talk about ' a make of vehicles '. Say 'a make of vehicle '.

Although there is considerable variability between different women in the degree to which they have paraurethral ducts around the urethra, it may well be that the fluid secreted by these ducts and the associated glands is the one that can be expelled during 8775 female ejaculation 8776 .

Lloyd scrutinized the literature reports on women 8767 s orgasmic experience and summarized data from 87 research projects.

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