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Belfast City Airport - George Best Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport - George Best Belfast City Airport

Date: 2017-05-24 22:29

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Dressed for Mars, space engineer Pablo de Leó n tests a prototype space suit at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where fine soil and fans simulate conditions on the red planet.

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As the train nears the end of the journey at Kashgar station, a child draws a heart in the desert sand that came along for the ride.

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A girl watches as three Kurdish women are photographed with their faces hidden. Two of the women say they were forced to marry ISIS fighters before escaping to a refugee camp.

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A serious illness doesn’t have to sideline your travel plans. With a little advance planning, you can enjoy a safe and satisfying holiday. Here’s how.

Kids swim in a river where a bridge collapsed in Port Salut, Haiti. The city suffered serious damage from Hurricane Matthew, with many homes completely destroyed.

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A Rü ppell’s vulture eats a piece of zebra in the Serengeti. More dominant birds have taken their fill of the choice meat, leaving the skin and bones for other birds.

A diver keeps a close watch on a tiger shark in the Bahamas. But the scene may not be as dangerous as it looks: Tigers rely on surprise to hunt prey and are unlikely to attack divers who keep them in sight.

Tempted by the fruit of a strangler fig, a Bornean orangutan climbs 655 feet into the canopy. With males weighing as much as 755 pounds, orangutans are the world’s largest tree-dwelling animals.

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